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Saturday, 13 September 2008
Meet Range, the upright Canine
Topic: Character Interviews

1. Can you tell us your name and the title of the book you live in?

My name's Range and I'm a little different than the other characters you'll interview in that I'm an upright canine. Called Skuhies, our race compares to nordic breeds you'd be familiar with, in that we have dense fur, pointy ears and distinct markings, such as the dark grey, black or orange masks that outline our snouts. I'm in Strange Sobriquet, the first of many novels in the Split Legend fantasy series.

2. Describe to our readers what your role in the book is. 

I'm the assigned guardian and protector of Mith, an infant boy who was born with the ability to see across time--past, present and future--and is believed to be the prophesied savior of my world Nydimm.

3. How did you convince your author to put you in this book?  For example, did you visit a dream or make yourself known some other way?

Oh, this was easy. Brent has an affinity for canines, especially nordic breeds. But specifically, when his son was born, Brent noticed how his Siberian Husky Durham always sought to protect the infant boy. In those moments, my character and my task were born.

4. Is your author easy to work with or controlling?

Honestly, he's pretty controlling. But, truth be told, if he weren't, who knows what trouble I get into. What's funny is that I'm one of the more responsible of my race. By nature, we're extremely daring and inquisitive. And surly. Though, I lean toward the inquisitive side. And, even then, I'm more archeologist than adventurer, preferring to identify old texts and rescue relics for the Genizah scholars. On the other hand, some of my comrades prefer a good scrap to the intellectual pursuits.

5. Would you tell us about one of your favorite friends from this book?

Hmmm. This is a very difficult question for me, personally, to answer. Most of the book I'm alone with Mith. And when I do encounter my close friend Coriel, I'm not very good to him. He's a great help to me and Mith, and I put him in a great deal of danger as a result. I didn't intentionally bring harm to him, but I didn't necessarily consider unintended consequences either. And, I still carry a lot of guilt.

6. Do you plan on appearing in another book or are you happy to be where you are?

Because of my aforementioned transgressions, I've signed myself up for every installment, unless duty results in a sacrifice where it's the end of me. So, I will appear in other Split Legend books as they're written. In fact, Grandfather's Tale, is being written as we speak.

7. What would you like our readers to know about you?

Not just about me so much, but all Skuhies have a natural empathy. Our senses are so acute,  we can detect other people's feelings. 

8. Did you learn anything during your adventure in this book?

A great deal. Especially about commitment, loyalty and how a being's spirit matters more than any material possession--no matter what you believe that object can do.

9. Can you tell us what you think is the most exciting thing that happened to you in your book?

In the end, I fulfill my duty to Mith. My goal was to keep Mith safe from the Sundu, a fanatical order searching for the boy, and arrive at the Union, a portal capable of spanning worlds. Ultimately, that's what mattered most, and it's very exciting because I get to see a world that's very different than my own. 

10. Is there anything in your story you wish you had not done? Why?

Boy, you're just twisting the dagger now, aren't you? Yes, of course. If I hadn't been tempted to search for the Staff of Ignedya while Solgrave was collapsing all around me, a dear friend would still be with us.

11. What was your main motivation? 

My main motivation is to protect Mith and lead him to the Union, where he can cross to safety, away from the Sundu. 

12. Introduce us to your main adversary?

My main adversary is circumstance. At one point, the Sundu ruin Mith's food supply and, though I defeat them, I'm left with no food for the child and we're weeks from our Union rendezvous point. To replenish Mith's supplies, I'm forced to travel to the nearest city, one that holds a temptation so strong that I jeopardize my commitment to Mith.

13. Is there anything you would like to have done but your author stopped you?

I...I still would have liked to have spared the Staff of Ignedya. I truly believe finding it could have saved the city of Solgrave. And its antiquities. A million stories--and answers--have been lost forever.

14. Here’s your chance to speak your mind.  What do you want to tell everybody?

Funny...I speak my mind often, so I don't think I need your permission for the opportunity (remember, we can be surly). In fact, I (or my alter-ego variation daemonrange--in the event an overzealous japanese man has taken my name) comment out in the blogosphere. If you've ever seen some of my comments, you'd realize I enjoy eating bacon (real bacon, not the pre-packaged microwaveable kind; maple bacon's my favorite), drinking wine--by the way, I generally don't eat bacon and drink wine together--reading Scifi and fantasy novels, and worshipping superheroes with YouTube videos ("Save Ian") in their honor.

15.  Please tell everyone where they can find out more about your story and where they can purchase it.

Readers who are interested in learning more about me, my compatriots and Nydimm can visit Noone can purchase it yet because it's not available for sale. You'd have to talk to Brent about getting his act together on pursuing an agent, instead of attending Cons and writing all the time. But everyone can read the first three chapters online and my author will be releasing the book via podcast later this year, into next. He has a pretty nice voice, so you should listen. Really.

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Updated: Saturday, 13 September 2008 12:37 AM EDT
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Thursday, 11 September 2008
Where were you when.......?
Topic: Miscellaneous


I stopped over to visit Lynn at and she had the most interest Meme going, so I thought I'd share it with you guys :-)  It is interesting to see where people were during events we all remember!!

Space Shuttle Challenger Disaster - January 28, 1986

I was on my way home from work, on a city bus, when this happened.  I walked into the house where I saw a replay on television.  I remeber feeling completely numb.

The Oklahoma City Bombing - April 19, 1995

After a very hectic day with a two-year-old, I finally settled in for a quiet evening and turned the radio on.  I remember crying, then praying for the families, then going into my sleeping son and thanking God that, in spite of all the difficulty we had, he was safely home sleeping.

Princess Diana's Death - 31 August 1997
I didn't find this one out until the next day.  This was a time when I was trying to work full-time and get help for a four-year-old who was being consistently thrown out of day care centers.  He had just started getting counseling and I was juggling that, taking care of the house and working full-time.  This event didn't effect me as deeply as it did so many.  I remember thinking how tragic it was, but it seemed so far removed from what was my life at the time.
Attack on the Twin Towers - 11 September 2001
This one tore me to pieces.  I walked into my first counseling session and, as the elevator doors opened, I was facing the television and saw the plane crash into one of the towers.  I felt as though someone had just told me the world was ending.  I rmember crying, then getting angry and then shaking.  I wanted to go and pick my son up at school, but didn't.  I met his school bus that day and didn't think I was going to let him go when I hugged him.  We walked to the Lake where I founds out he had watched the attack on TV at school and I answered what questions I could to help him understand (he was only seven)---I wasn't completely understanding the whole thing myself.
Space Shuttle Columbia Disaster - February 1, 2003
I didn't find this one out until later.  I had spent the day visiting my son in the residential treatment center he had been in for four months.  I prayed to God that night, asking if this was His way of trying to tell people they should not be trying to travel in space.  It somehow reminded me of His anger at the building of the Tower of Babel.

7th Harry Potter Book is Released - 21 July 2007

I was asleep at the moment this book came out.  My mother knew my son and I had read the first six and had already pre-ordered a copy of this one. I couldn't see standing in a line, in the middle of the night--among a BIG crowd of people!--for a book we would be getting in a day or two.

Michael Phelps Wins His 8th Gold Medal - August 16, 2008

Uh..don't shoot me, but  WHO is Michael Phelps???

So, what about you? Where were YOU when all of this happened???

Posted by joyceanthony at 1:10 AM EDT
Updated: Thursday, 11 September 2008 1:16 AM EDT
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Wednesday, 10 September 2008
Ed Green the Voice-over King
Topic: Blog Tours

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is a voice-over?

It's the use of a human voice to sell, inform or entertain in recorded or broadcast media, including radio and TV spots, on-air program promotions, recorded announcements and non-broadcast narrations for corporate audio and videos, phone lines, and for animation or cartoons.

I've been told I have a good speaking voice and should do voice-overs. How do I know if I really have the talent to succeed at this work?

Voice quality is only one aspect of success in becoming a voice-over professional. You also need to be able to take someone else's words (the script) and make them sound like your own credible, persuasive and motivating personal statement. That means developing solid acting and timing skills and techniques under professional tutelage. You’ll also have to put some time and money into developing a solid demo reel (on cassette or CD) to send out to the industry agents and organizations that represent and hire voice-over professionals. What will ultimately make the difference is you—having a very strong desire and persistence to succeed.

When I ask around I'm told that the same people (especially celebrities) do all the work. Is this true?

Realistically, the big name celebrities and voice-over pros get the big budget national work. But with thousands of radio and TV stations in the USA and each running hundreds of local spots a day for over ten thousand advertisers all over the country—not to mention all of the other voice-over productions—there’s plenty of opportunity for anyone with the professional skills, a good demo reel and persistence to break into this lucrative and exciting field. Because writers, producers, casting directors, agents and networks are always looking for that next fresh new voice.

I've heard you must join a union to do voice-over work. Is that true?

Not necessarily. One can be quite successful as non-union voiceover talent but there are some risks. As with joining any union, there are limitations as well as benefits in joining AFTRA (American Federation of TV and Radio Artists) or SAG (the Screen Actors Guild)—the two unions governing voice-over work. As you undergo your training, and learn more about the voice-over profession and the markets you wish to work in, you’ll be able to make an informed decision about the proper step for your particular career.

How much income can I make by doing voice-overs?

As in any other business, you can make a little or a lot—well into six figures annually— depending on your perseverance to succeed. But don't quit your day job. It can take years of perfecting your talent and skills, marketing yourself with or without an agent before you reach a higher level of success. Some will tell you luck is important. In my experience, trying harder and smarter yields more results. I have found the key to my success to be a "contagious enthusiasm" for the work.

If I have a "day job" can I build a career in voice-overs? They probably don’t hold auditions and bookings on evenings or weekends.

Right! Most voiceover sessions happen during normal business hours and they run about an hour. So you have to be realistic and resourceful. If you can develop flexible work hours or are able to ‘swap’ time with co-workers, that’s one way. Looking for a more flexible “day job” is another (i.e. an outside sales or service job in which you schedule your workday). Essentially, you have to have a realistic plan for training, getting your demo reel together, sending copies to industry people and following up with phone calls. And you have to work that plan with consistency and persistence if you’re going to get your voice-over career off the ground with that first audition and booking.

Do I need an agent or a manager?

As in all ‘talent for hire’ industries, agents provide a useful and valuable service. They allow producers to conduct their talent search more efficiently and can take care of a lot of details for you, including billing and collecting payments. Good ones really earn their 10% commission. If an agent wants to sign you, that’s a real vote of confidence in your ability. To make sure the agent is reputable, check with the local SAG or AFTRA office and with ad agency casting directors and producers. Then hire a lawyer to review and, if necessary, negotiate the contract. Just remember that an agent’s commission payment comes out of the funds received for a job that’s booked, completed and paid for—not up front! Agents work with talent two ways: freelance or exclusively signed. Freelance means you choose not to be exclusive, so several different agents can represent you. This may increase your exposure, but those agents are less likely to be as supportive and loyal as they might be if you were an exclusively signed client. If you cannot get an agent to represent you or if there are no talent agencies in your area, you can still get work on your own by sending your demo tape directly to casting directors and producers and following up religiously!

Do you need to live in a major city to succeed as a voice over artist?

No. Thousands of radio and TV spots are produced every day in smaller markets all over the country. Also, with new computer and telecommunications technologies, it’s possible to record the assigned copy locally—even in your own home ‘studio’—and electronically forward the work wherever in the country a producer needs it. This has made agents more receptive and willing to represent talent residing outside of their market area.

How do I get started?

First, find a competent voice-over coach to train you in the various professional techniques used in the industry and to help you create the demo reel you’ll be duplicating and distributing to agents, casting directors, production companies and to some of the TV and radio station promotion executives. Then, follow up with phone calls, reminder notes and e-mails. Now you’re in the game and practicing every day to improve and master your craft. By listening to radio and TV spots for styles, nuances and sounds—things that get your attention and impress you—you’ll find things you can incorporate into your repertoire to broaden your capability and underscore your distinctiveness. So you can become one of those voices that producers and casting directors think of first.

 Sample Chapter


1. Review MOCISM Read and interpret copy by answering the questions: WHO …WHAT…WHERE…WHEN…HOW whenever applicable.

2. Timing Is Of The Essence

A. Once you've read and understood the copy, make your break marks and underline words you'd like to inflect.

B. Each reading begins with a full breath intake …then a one half exhale.

C. Test read the script with a stopwatch. Try your best to read it in the required time.

D. Your internal clock can be developed to amazing accuracy with practice. NOTE: Don't sacrifice the quality of the 'take' —emphasis, pacing, clarity, etc.—for absolute timing accuracy. The studio recording engineer can 'stretch' or ‘tighten’ a great ‘take’ by a second or two with electronic editing tools. As with most professional skills, they improve with experience and effort.

E. Use hand movements to feel and act out the copy, but NEVER move your head from the microphone placement, or it will distort your recording and you’ll have to repeat it.

F. Whether you stand or sit while recording copy is a personal choice. As a general rule, standing gives you better breath control and voice projection. Try it both ways when you record yourself to determine what works best for you.

G. As I said before, always try to have a cup of hot water, with lemon, with you when you go into an audition or recording session. It's a good habit to get into to keep your vocal chords relaxed. This is especially important when doing long recording sessions, such as narrations. (And of course, be sure to avoid coffee and tea.)

H. Always ask to hear a playback of your first few takes during an audition or a recording session. This is a vital audio reference point for the creative people—and yourself— to evaluate and make any necessary improvements or changes in the way you hear, feel or deliver the copy in the reading. Extra effort always helps to achieve that better final product everyone wants. All put together, music, sound effects and video, are aids to helping you produce the reading most desired by the creative team.


3. Developing A Good Ear

A. Get into the habit of listen to and studying voice-over recordings from all sources: i.e. TV (Discovery Channel), movie trailers, news channels and radio advertisements. You can always find something interesting that you can apply to your own technique at a given time.

B. Start thinking seriously about the ‘messages’ and ‘attitudes’ that move and influence you personally. (Advertisers will love you for that . It’s what they spend all that money for.)

C. Pay attention to the 'sound effects' and 'music effects', so you become familiar with the mechanics of a commercial. As you get into this habit—and you must, if you're serious about a voice-over career—you'll start to understand the various styles and techniques of advertising, and begin to develop your ability to shape your reading styles.

D. Create a 'Notes' file on the spots you listen to. List the name of the spot, where and what time you heard it, what you liked or disliked about it, and what you would do to improve and make the voice-over performance more memorable.

4. BRAIN BULLETS: Sharpening Your Timing To A Pro’s Edge.

• Work with the same :30 announcer script and try to achieve different time objectives (i.e.: 3 or 4 seconds under, and then 3 or 4 seconds over the mark.)

• To sharpen your performance—if you haven’t done it yet, reconsider investing in an adjustable music stand and an inexpensive wall clock with a sweep second hand. Hang the clock so it's just visible over the top of the script as you practice tightening and stretching takes. I find it easier than using a stopwatch.

• Improving your physical conditioning improves breath control. Aerobics training, yoga, biking, a Stairmaster and other cardio activities help a lot.

• Always use a pencil to mark your copy.


For more information on this fabulous course, please visit


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Updated: Wednesday, 10 September 2008 2:49 AM EDT
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Tuesday, 9 September 2008
Ed Green--Voice Over Artis Shares His Expertise
Topic: Blog Tours
Voice-Over Pros Earn Six Figures and More at The Mic!”

You Can Too...When You Learn What ED GREEN Can Teach You Now.

ED GREEN is one of America's leading voice-over artists. A Pro's pro, with a unique depth of knowledge and understanding of the techniques that work. Now, he's decided to pass on the insights, secrets, and methods that fueled his thirty years of success to a new generation of VO talent.

So if you want to be a real VO in-demand voice over performer in all kinds of commercials and productions in today's growing broadcast, cable, and digital communications industry...It takes a little talent, a lot of drive...and the insider's know-how that ED GREEN'S VO POWER delivers for just $19.95.

It's a solid, easy-to-follow program. Working at your own pace you'll learn how to use a microphone, reading and pacing skills, how to audition and market yourself, Ed's EMOTE method, and much, much more that you'll never learn anywhere else. So, if you're serious, this is it!

The information includes:


    Overview of voice recordings used by the communications industry; production objectives and introduction to skill-building techniques.


    Familiarization with a professional studio and recording session: relating to equipment and production personnel, analyzing copy; preparing to record.


    Reading the script for meaning and timing; techniques for improving timing and emphasis while maintaining sound clarity and quality.


    Vocal personas; physical tricks for 'acting out' the script; developing your personal cast of characters and an emotional autopilot.


    Techniques for creating your distinctive vocal signature(s), dealing with accents, tricks for optimizing your vocal range and sound quality.


    Understanding the voice-power marketplace; developing target lists, mailings and follow-ups; dealing with unions and agents; succeeding at auditions.

Tomorrow, we will be sharing a chapter from this excellent course. as well as some frequently asked questions.  Please stop by. In the meantime, if you are ready to experience all this talented man can offer, go here:

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Monday, 8 September 2008
Visiting With Ed Green
Topic: Blog Tours
ED GREEN is one of the industry's leading voice-over talents. For many years, he has been the voice of major sporting event projects, motion picture trailers, and television narrations, as well as the voice for the most familiar commercial and produce advertisers in America.

His commercials have currently passed the 30,000 mark, and are still climbing. This includes his well-known work as an audio personality for Fortune 500 Corporations - working on their national campaigns while creating a unique image for internal corporate projects and shareholder meetings.

Hosting the advertising industry's annual ANDY and CLIO awards ceremonies is usually a once-in-a-career honor for voice-over talent. Ed has presented both - several times

Tomorrow, we will explore a way you can benefit from Ed Green's experience, and learn the art of voice-over from one of the best.

Posted by joyceanthony at 9:46 PM EDT
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Friday, 5 September 2008
Getting to Know Carol Jones
Topic: Author Interview
  Carol Jones the person:

1.  What three words do you think describe you as a human being?

Compassionate, liberal, sometimes stubborn

2.  How do you think others would describe you?

Passionate and empathetic

3.   Please tell us what you are most passionate about outside of writing.

Singing. Before I started writing, I felt I could get a song out of every aspect of my life.

4.  Do you have any pets?  If so, introduce us to them.

We have a pit bull named Leah. When our cat Whisperer died, I was too heartbroken to get another one to replace her.

5.  What is your most precious memory?

When I was growing up, every Christmas Eve when our parents were out doing last minute shopping, my siblings and I would put on a play called Baby Jesus in a Manager. The girls would dress up as shepherds, the boys would pretend they were sheep, and we used a doll for baby Jesus. The sheep would give us a hard time and weren't always easy to keep in line.  After the play, we would stand around the tree and sing Xmas carols.

6.  What is your most embarrassing memory?

Well here goes, One day I went to the grocery store to pick up a few items. Shortly after I walked out of the store holding my grocery bag, I lost my footing and proceeded to fall on my knees. Groceries went everywhere. My milk spilled, eggs cracked and fruit was rolling all over the parking lot. People stopped and helped me up and the manager came out and took me inside and wrote up an accident report. My knees were bleeding and I had a few other scratches, but mainly my pride was hurting from embarrassment. My family and I speculated it was the sandals I was wearing that caused the fall. My sister was later appalled when I decided to wear my sandals again-out in public.

7.   If you weren't a writer, what would you be doing with your life?

Singing and in pursuit of my real purpose in life.

8.   In two paragraphs or less write your obituary.

TIME, TIME... "For Everything there is a time...To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven... Ecclesiastes 3:1 A TIME TO BE BORN...Carol Denise Dockery Jones was born on February 22, 1957 to Mina and Jimmy Dockery in Hernando, Ms... A TIME TO PLANT...She began a love relationship with Jesus Christ at an early age and continued that relationship until her death... A TIME TO LOVE...She demonstrated her love to family, friends and to all people wherever she went....A TIME TO WORK...She was a servant, faithful Christian, a writer, and the founder of YMCC-Young Men Coming to Christ-an organization that provided housing and education to young men who were wayward and needed God and direction in their lives...A TIME TO DIE... She departed this life to enter into eternal rest with the Savior...A TIME TO MOURN...She leaves to mourn her passing her family and all who knew and loved her.

Carol Jones the writer:

9.  Can you describe the time you realized you were indeed a "real" writer?

When my theology teacher had me to stand up in class after reading the first page of my manuscript "Dare to Dream." God then later confirmed in my spirit, I should always be prepared to write-because I am a writer.

10.  What is going on with your writing these days?

My book Dare to Dream is in publishing and will be in the stores this month. It is now in pre-sales at Living Waters Publishing Company.

11.  What are your future goals for your writing?

I am working on my son's testimonial book. He was shot and killed in March, 2007. It is painful, but I know what God has ordained, He will maintain so there is no doubt  I will finish it. There are other books to come as well.

12.  Can you describe a typical writing day for you?

This may sound a little funny, but I wrote most of Dare to Dream in the public library. Sometimes I go to the library in the morning when it is quiet and sit at the computer and begin to type. Usually I'll stay there most of the morning. Sometimes I write at home when all is quiet and that's mainly late at night.

13.  Why do you write?

I didn't choose to be a writer-God chose me to be a writer. I know this is one of my calling to get the message of  hope through the Gospel out to all people. I have discovered when I write with the anointing-there is purpose in my writing. When I write out of emotions-that's just me letting off steam.

14.  What writer most inspires you?  Why?

I am inspired by many writers, mainly one- Stormie Omartian. Her writing inspires me-maybe because of familiarity. I always like to read books of inspiration and hope.

15.  How do you define your writing?

Simple and true

16.  In one sentence-what do you want people to say about your writing in fifty years? 

Her writing was simple, yet inspiring and encouraging to all readers.

Carol Jones the details:

17.  Can you tell us where to find more information on you? Website?  Blog?

My website is and my blog is

18.  Is there a place where readers can reach you?

19.  Can you list all your book titles so people can look for them?

Dare to Dream

20.  For new readers-what can they expect when they read your book(s)?

Dare to Dream is a book of encouragement to all people. God gave each of us the ability to dream, but many are caught up and lost in how to make their dreams come true. These people are silent dreamers who don't dream out loud-only in secrecy. This book reveals through the word of God and in building a relationship with Him-how He is bringing all my dreams into fruition-how He has given me new dreams with new meanings-as He is taking me into a journey from glory to glory. He has given me a song of deliverance I will sing for the rest of my days. The Bible says God is no respecter of persons and what He has done for one, He will do for another. So read it and be encouraged and know that God is God and He will do just what He says.

In conclusion:

21.  Take as much space as necessary to speak to our readers-what would you like them to know about you and your writing?

When I was growing up, I always felt I was different and had a hard time fitting in. When my sisters were learning how to do housework, I was outside riding my bicycle, our pony or the mo-ped. When I became an adult, I would find myself in the middle of conversations about home decorations or what china to buy, which was of no interest to me. But the flip side of it was I had an eye for fashion, and when I was involved with a project I was concerned about every small detail. Well I was different, but so is everyone to a certain degree.  Every time I wanted to get my point across or have a deep conversation with someone I would sit down and write a letter. When I look back I can see the hand of God moving me towards my destiny-although it would not be realized until years later my real potential as a writer. Sometimes when I write-I am in another zone. Sometimes I have to say Lord help me and He steps right in and even when I don't know where I'm going with it-it always pulls together because the hand of God is in it. I have come to realize I can do nothing on my own and without God I am nothing. God revealed to me in the midst of one of my storms that I was a writer and I fully accepted it because it came from Him and I don't have to doubt my potential. It's a matter of knowing who you are and whom you belong to. If I trust him wholeheartedly and always keep my eyes on Him, then I will be okay, no matter what the outcome is.

Posted by joyceanthony at 9:19 PM EDT
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Saturday, 30 August 2008
Neet Nigel Taimen from Choices Meant for Gods
Topic: Character Interviews
1. Can you tell us your name and the title of the book you live in?

I'm Nigel Taiman and I live in Onweald in the novels Choices Meant for Gods and Choices Meant for Kings by Sandy Lender, and in the anthology What Choices We Made by Sandy Lender. Currently.

2. Describe to our readers what your role in the book is.

Oh my. I have several roles. My first priority, in my eyes, is to help Amanda Chariss, who has come to my family's home for protection. I also run my family's estate and school. I've been offered a position of leadership that my father coveted, and I believe I'll be better able to help 'Manda if I accept it. Wait a author is yelling something at us. Oh. Chariss. I'll be better able to help Chariss if I accept it. Sandy doesn't want me to call my bride Amanda when I'm out marketing like this.

3. How did you convince your author to put you in this book? For example did you visit in a dream or make yourself known some other way?

Sandy didn't really have much say in the matter. The evil Lord Drake showed Chariss to Sandy many many years ago, I think because he wanted her to rewrite the tale to his liking, and Sandy just couldn't look away from the story. Chariss and her guardian and some of the other players have told it over the years and introduced me when the time was right. So I sort of met Sandy through Chariss.

4. Is your author easy to work with or controlling?

You know, that depends on when you approach her. If you can wake her at 2 or 3 a.m., her thoughts are really malleable. But she has this idea that she knows how to end the trilogy, you see. I'd like to influence that...

5. Would you tell us about one of your favorite friends from this book?

I'm going to have to pick Henry Bakerson. He was a friend of mine when we were young boys sneaking cookies out of his father's bakery and when we were stupid youths drinking every tavern in Arcana City dry. We're lucky we didn't get killed in some stupid, meaningless brawl. When we started getting our lives straightened out with military training, my father stepped in and screwed up my part of the plan. Henry ended up with a real career, though, which is surprising considering he remained a ruffian and a rogue. I can't imagine the number of children he must have scattered about Onweald and Bellan - and the number of angry fathers ready to hang him for ruining their daughters. But he's such a fast talker that I guess he can get out of the noose often enough. I thought I'd never see him again when he went off to sea with his shipping business a few years back, but, he surprised me and showed up during the summer festival in 7220 and tried to sweep Amanda, I mean Chariss, off her feet. Old rogue. She's a sly one, too, you know, and ended up getting him to work for us in helping The Master Rothahn. Turns out Henry's got a responsible streak in him. It's buried in there, of course, but Chariss knew it was there. Henry can still drink a tavern dry...

6. Do you plan on appearing in another book or are you happy to be where you are?

Well, if I can keep Sandy from killing me off in a fit of rage - you really ought to see her when she gets frustrated with my suggestions - I'm going to pen a sort of epilogue novel to the Choices trilogy. She announced that to a group at a convention where she did a reading back in May and the ladies around her got very excited, so I think she's got a reason right there to keep me alive.

7. What would you like our readers to know about you?

I'm nothing without Chariss.

8. Did you learn anything during your adventure in this book?

By the gods, yes. Hrazon and Chariss showed up and it's as if a new world dawned at my family's estate. My mother always demonstrated unconditional love for me, but these two...these two are the epitome of love and devotion. Their relationship is a testament to what love is supposed to be. And then they've both been training me in the use of my geasa, which is a power you'd have to read the book to understand fully. My father would never let me develop my geasa so I never understood the responsibilities behind it, but Hrazon and Chariss have opened that world to me. I could go on and on but Sandy's fussing at me.

9. Can you tell us what you think is the most exciting thing that happened to you in your book?

Exciting is a word loaded with meaning. The good exciting thing was falling in love with Chariss the moment I set eyes on her. There were several not-so-good exciting things that I dread coming between us.

10. Is there anything in your story you wish you had not done? Why?

No. All my actions are justified.

11. What was your main motivation?

Protecting my family and Chariss is my motivation for everything now.

12. Introduce us to your main adversary.

The main one? That's a toss-up. My main adversary is Julette, The Dragon, The Betrayer. She is more to me than I realized, and she has partnered with Chariss's nemesis to threaten not only Chariss, but Chariss's charge, The Master Rothahn. It's become a huge mess for us. Julette is problematic for a number of reasons, the main being she's an ancient goddess who turned evil about five thousand years ago. So she's had quite some time to perfect being bad.

13. Is there anything you would like to have done but your author stopped you?

I may have to keep quiet on this one. You know. To protect Chariss's honor.

14. Here's your chance to speak your mind. What do you want to tell everybody?

Oh, I'll get censored for sure. Sandy's paying attention, you know. Something not directly related to Chariss's story that I'd like to tell everybody is that I've started to actually enjoy this marketing business out here in your society. Learning how to use a computer, how to post to a blog, how to answer's all new to me, but very interesting. And even though I started doing it because Sandy threatened me into it, I continue now because I enjoy it. I run a blog where she lets me make fun of her at, but I'm at a point where I don't really want to make fun of her unless she's in on it. She has a pretty good sense of humor, which I think she got from Chariss.

15. Please tell everyone where they can find out more about your story and where they can purchase it.

Sandy keeps a blog of her own where she puts updates about the books from time to time. It's at What's frustrating is she's also marketing other books she's worked on there, so you hear about other characters besides Chariss. If you want to get the books, they're available at Amazon (well, Choices Meant for Kings isn't available until November and her anthology What Choices We Made isn't available until late October), but you can get the first novel in the trilogy, Choices Meant for Gods, at the publisher's site or at Amazon. Or you can go to a bookstore and see if it's still on the shelf. Special ordering it is expensive, so you might want to go straight to her publisher's site. There's a discount there. Click on:

Thank you for the opportunity to talk about Sandy, Choices Meant for Gods, and, of course, my lovely Chariss. It's been a pleasure.

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Friday, 29 August 2008
Meet Nick Anderson from Unexpected Love
Topic: Character Interviews

1.  Can you tell us your name and the title of the book you live in?


I’m Nick Anderson and I live in a contemporary romance titled ‘Unexpected love’.


2.  Describe to our readers what your role in the book is.


I’m the hero but a somewhat reluctant one. I think I’m perfectly happy as I am, without getting too close to any woman emotionally until ‘she’ comes into my life.


3.  How did you convince your author to put you in this book?  For example, did you visit a dream or make yourself known some other way?


I think she just visualized me


4.  Is your author easy to work with or controlling?


Somewhat easy I would say


5.  Would you tell us about one of your favorite friends from this book?


I don’t really have friends the way other men do. Most of them are business associates. The closest to a friend is Ray Duncan who’s worked in the company with my uncle and who’s been my mentor.


6.  Do you plan on appearing in another book or are you happy to be where you are?


Just this one


7.  What would you like our readers to know about you?


I give the impression that I’m just a hard nosed businessman. I don’t want people to see my vulnerability or weakness. What is it? Or that’s my secret.


8.  Did you learn anything during your adventure in this book?


I’m still being developed. But yes, when I see how easily ‘she’ connects with people, I wish I could, too.


9.  Can you tell us what you think is the most exciting thing that happened to you in your book?


Being accepted by ‘her’ nephews because I’m ‘her’ friend.


10.  Is there anything in your story you wish you had not done? Why?


I was a bit harsh at the beginning when I first met her. I regretted it later.


11.  What was your main motivation?


To give to kids what I didn’t have as a kid.


12.  Introduce us to your main adversary?


It’s Tom. He’s smooth and what women would call a  ‘perfect gentleman’. He’s an investigative reporter who travels to many exotic places in the world. I’m just a manufacturer of pharmaceutical products.


13.  Is there anything you would like to have done but your author stopped you?


Not yet


14.  Here’s your chance to speak your mind.  What do you want to tell everybody?


Don’t judge people by what they appear to be. Often it’s a mask they put on in self defense.


15.  Please tell everyone where they can find out more about your story and where they can purchase it.

I’m still in a WIP.

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Wednesday, 27 August 2008
Maisie Thurlow talks abut Hight Places by Nina Osier
Topic: Character Interviews
 1.  Can you tell us your name and the title of the book you live in?

My name is Maisie Thurlow.  I'm a leading character in High Places.

2.  Describe to our readers what your role in the book is.

I am (or at least I was) captain of a Star Guard patrol ship, the Commodore Dudley Saltonstall.  That's the name of a general who scuttled his fleet at a battle along the Maine coast during the American Revolution, so it's not an especially heroic reference.  When I was 10 years old, the government sent a team of "minders" to round up the religious sect my father had founded.  They'd decided we should be split up and relocated.  They chartered a star liner to take us away from the planet where we'd been living, and all but one of them (the minders, I mean) were killed when the liner's crew mutinied.  I became separated from my big sister, Eve, after I saw our parents murdered.  So when I had orders to take the Saltonstall near the planet where I remembered Eve's lifeboat being pointed, when the mutineers launched it 20 years earlier - well, I couldn't help myself.  I had to find out what happened to her.  I wasn't planning on crashing there, though, and getting trapped without much hope of being rescued!

3.  How did you convince your author to put you in this book?  For example, did you visit a dream or make yourself known some other way?

I started bothering her about three years ago, but I wouldn't tell her exactly who I was.  I came into her head the way characters usually do, by asking a "What if?" question.  In this case, "What if a whole planet's air acted on Humans the way a compressed air acts on scuba divers when they get ‘rapture of the deep'?"

4.  Is your author easy to work with or controlling?

She tries to control me.  I don't let her, though.  I do just what I want to do, and when she's smart she comes along without giving me a fight first.

5.  Would you tell us about one of your favorite friends from this book?

My executive officer, best friend, and lover is Jacques Quiero.  I call him Jack, and the worst thing that happens is having him turn on me when the planet's air makes him crazy.

6.  Do you plan on appearing in another book or are you happy to be where you are?

I'm already in another book.  My author is working on The Minder's Oath, which you could call a sequel.  Or you could call it the rest of the story that High Places begins.

7.  What would you like our readers to know about you?

I hate anyone who tries to control me.  That includes minders, in particular.  I don't agree with my parents' religion at all, now.  I've grown up to have my own life, and it's very unlike the one my folks wanted me to live.  But that's my choice to make!  Not someone else's to make for me.

8.  Did you learn anything during your adventure in this book?

I learned that nothing turns out the way I think it's going to.  And, of course, that life goes on even after you're sure it can't.

9.  Can you tell us what you think is the most exciting thing that happened to you in your book?

When I accidentally found out how to counteract that planet's crazy-making air, is what I think was most exciting.  Readers may disagree, though, because a lot of other things happened; and I guess reading about them would probably be a lot more fun that living through them.

10.  Is there anything in your story you wish you had not done? Why?

I wish the decision I made to look for my sister hadn't cost most of my crew their lives.  I'll never get over that.  But I can't change it now.

11.  What was your main motivation?

I wanted to find Eve.  It was just that simple.  She was all the family I had left, and I needed to know what happened to her.

12.  Introduce us to your main adversary?

I suppose that would be Miles Mindlothian, the "minder" responsible for kidnapping my whole community because the government didn't approve of our beliefs and how we lived them.  I thought he died in the liner mutiny, but I found out otherwise soon after my ship crashed on the planet where my sister was marooned.

13.  Is there anything you would like to have done but your author stopped you?

Yes.  Get home, of course!  She said she couldn't make it too easy for me, because "deus ex machina" endings are a cop-out.

14.  Here's your chance to speak your mind.  What do you want to tell everybody?

If you've got a family, appreciate it.  Love them even when you don't like them, because you'd miss them pretty badly if they weren't there.  Believe me, I know!  And if you're in a profession where this applies, don't compromise your duty to satisfy a personal need.

15.  Please tell everyone where they can find out more about your story and where they can purchase it.

High Places is due for release by eBooksOnThe.Net, an imprint of Write Words, on 9/1/08.  You'll find it at the eBooksOnThe.Net web site,, and in's Kindle bookstore.

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Tuesday, 26 August 2008
Meet Vern--Dragon With a Attitude (and his friend Karina Fabian)
Topic: Character Interviews
 1.  Can you tell us your name and the title of the book you live in?

I'm Vern, "christened" (because you don't baptize dragons) as "Vern d'Wyvern" by Pope Pius. Pius was a very holy man with a very lame sense of humor.

I do not live in a book. I used to live in Faerie, the magical dimension now connected to Mundane, ie. your world. For the record--I didn't name them, either. Since making my lair in your world, I've been eeking out a living as a private detective, doing everything from finding lost cats to solving magical mysteries to saving the universes. Someitmes all three at once. Karina Fabian transcribes and publishes those cases for me. So far, she's published them in several stories and a serial, and has two books coming out next year from Swimming Kangaroo.

2.  Describe to our readers what your role in the book is.

Karina has a pretty good talent for catching my "voice," so I narrate all the stories. I do the majority of the sleuthing, deductions and solving, plus my own stunt work. Of course, once Sister Grace became my partner, she has a big hand in that, too, plus all the magical might. Big advantage having a Holy Mage on your side, let me tell you.

3.  How did you convince your author to put you in this book?  For example, did you visit a dream or make yourself known some other way?

Actually, Karina came to me. She was looking for a unique dragon story for an anthology called Firestorm of Dragons. (Now out by Dragon Moon Press, It was the start of a beautiful friendship.

4.  Is your author easy to work with or controlling?

Control? Me? No one's really been able to do that since St. George, and even then, he need some major assistance from God himself. Everything I do, I do for me, and that includes aiding God and his creatures through service in the Faerie Catholic Church. See, St. George put a spell on me, a real doozy: he took everything that makes me the magnificent dragon I am--was--will be again. I've spent the last eight centuries earning it back. Can't complain, though. As an immortal, I value novelty, and it's been an interesting gig to say the least.

At any rate, Karina does a pretty good job of sticking to the facts. The only exception is the case she calls "Magic, Mensa and Mayhem." She's played all kinds of games with the facts for the serial story in the Mensa Magazine, The Prairie Dawg. ( The novelization of the case is closer to the truth.

5.  Would you tell us about one of your favorite friends from this book?

My best friend is my partner, Sister Grace McCarthy, a mage and nun of the Faerie Catholic Church. We've been through a lot together, and most of the stories and novels have her in them.

In the case featured in Firestorm of Dragons, though, we hadn't yet met. Jerry Costa, another great friend, is in that story. A former fence turned honest by the love a good woman, he'd settled down to run a jewelry store and a pawn shop and have a lot of good Catholic kids. His family was one of the first to befriend me on this side of the Interdimensional Gap, and (especially as their family grew from two kids to twelve), I don't draw as much attention in church if I sit with them. Jerry also keeps in contact with his old cronies, which helps me in my job.

6.  Do you plan on appearing in another book or are you happy to be where you are?

This is where semantics get weird. I'm basically content where I am, especially now that we have a new roof on the lair--which is a run-down warehouse in the part of Los Lagos now called Territory, you can guess why. However, Karina has a score of our cases she still has not transcribed. I know she'd eventually like to start at the beginning and build up to where Magic, Mensa and Mayhem starts. I'm pretty sure that's her plan after writing Live and Let Fly.

Incidentally, if you'd like to know more about me, the Faerie world, or our cases, you can go to our website at

7.  What would you like our readers to know about you?

Don't call me "d'Wyvern." Ever. Don't ask me if I'm housetrained. Don't ask if you can ride on my back. I'm from Faerie, not Pern.

8.  Did you learn anything during your adventure in this book?

Interesting, you should ask that. As I look over the stories, both from before I met Grace ("DragonEye, PI" in Firestorm of Dragons) to those with her ("Amateurs" in The Sword Review, "Mishmash" coming in Book of Tentacles, and of course, the novels coming from Swimming Kangaroo), I see what an effect Grace has had on my life. Aptly named, she was.

9.  Can you tell us what you think is the most exciting thing that happened to you in your book?

In Firestorm of Dragons, I guess that'd be stopping the evil ritual that would have closed the Interdimensional Gap. If, of course, by "exciting," you also mean "painful." But hey, I earned my fire back with that one. You're no idea how good it feels to be packing heat. Of course, most of the case files involve us saving the universes in one way or another, so there's always excitement. And pain. I could do without the pain.

In Magic, Mensa and Mayhem, I'll let your readers decide what's exciting. I could give you a long list of annoyances, however. Let's see: finding Coyote the Trickster at a Mensa convention, dealing with bellhops who have a sick sense of humor, bailing out an angry dwarf, listening to said dwarf belt out "Henry Higgens" while drunk, environmentalists protesting my very presence, pranking pixies, hyperactive elves...

Oh, yeah, and paying for the rips I put in the hotel carpet, but that never made the novel.

10.  Is there anything in your story you wish you had not done? Why?

In Firestorm, I could have wished to have escaped before the height of the ceremony, or maybe thrown myself into the elf with the satanically poisoned dagger instead of between him and his victim. Ouch.

In Magic, Mensa and Mayhem, my biggest regret is not finding a way to charge the Duke, the Church or somebody for chaperoning the convention. "Expenses" doesn't even cover the work we did. "Cushy job, consider it a paid vacation" indeed.

11.  What was your main motivation?

Was? My main motivation is acquiring comfort and treasure. That means serving the Faerie Church until I get my powers and grandeur all back and making as much money at it as I can in the meantime. And keeping Grace safe. The world would be...less...without her.

12.  Introduce us to your main adversary?

Tricky. They do change from case to case, you know. I've gone against everything from Dark Elves to neo-Nazis to demigods like Sekhmet. Plus, there are a few out there who are not making themselves known. Annoying, but then again, if I had to go up against me, I'd probably do it from the shadows, too.

13.  Is there anything you would like to have done but your author stopped you?

No. Like I said, Karina transcribes the cases pretty well. Even when she takes "creative license," she stays true to the people involved.

14.  Here's your chance to speak your mind.  What do you want to tell everybody?

Go read my blog: I speak my mind there. I should have a forum up soon, too, so folks can tell me how great I am and how they love reading about my cases.

15.  Please tell everyone where they can find out more about your story and where they can purchase it.

*Firestorm of Dragons for more information, or purchase from DragonMoon Press

* for the rest, I'll post them on the website as they come out. Watch in 2009 for Magic, Mensa and Mayhem.

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