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Saturday, 18 October 2008
The Greatest Writer's Conference On Earth
Topic: Writing Ramblings

How much would you be willing to pay for a writer's conference that allowed you to attend workshops on everything from Faith in Fiction to Writing Sex?  What if it included being able to meet and mingle with eleven publishers that represented every genre this is?  Wait, there's more! How about if they threw in over sixty--yes sixty!--week-long forums where you could get hands-on experience in various writing areas and all your questions answered?  We're talking character building, writing your bio, comedy, world building, website creation and cheap or free book promotion--just to name a small number. 

Okay--we have over sixty WEEK-LONG classes and direct contact with publishers--let's add some more.  How about thirty-five hour-long chats where you get a chance for even greater understanding of the subject matter?  How much do you think all this would be worth if you also had a chance to tons of handouts and the transcripts from all the various one-hour classes--a well as the ability to access all sixty week-long forums and have the information to peruse as many times as you wished?

Okay, I know what you are thinking--Joyce has either gone completely delusional or is giving us a glimpse of a fantasy novel.  Neither--this actually exists and I've been able to attend three years now--without spending a penny or leaving the comfort of my home--no hotel bills or food expenses, no pet sitters or childcare required.

For the third October in a row, the Internet has been the home of The Muse Online Writing Conference--and it has steadily grown.  I finish the week exhausted from all the activity--but a good exhaustion it is.  I spend the following months going over all the material, letting the information sink in and aid me in my writing career.  I have made contacts and made friends.

The Muse Conference has all I described above--and every year there is more--and it is offered at no cost to those who attend (although I have no doubt any donations would be more than welcome!).  This conference was the brainchild of Lea Schizas, an incredible woman who puts endless time and energy into bringing everything together and seeing that it runs smoothly.  Where she finds all the energy is a mystery to all--we just know she has more than earned all our love, respect and thanks.  Why does she do it?  Maybe she'll stop by and leave a comment telling us why.  All I know for sure is she sure gives all the rest of us a wonderful role model to look up to.

Watch here for your chance to sign up for next year's Muse Online Conference--I can guarantee you will never miss another one willingly!!

Posted by joyceanthony at 2:55 AM EDT
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Friday, 2 May 2008
Please Voice Your Opinion--Love Poll
Topic: Writing Ramblings

I am trying to gather some information for an article I'm writing and would really appreciate your help.  I have created a poll that will take less than five minutes to complete and would appreciate your input.  The poll can be found here:


Thank you!!

Posted by joyceanthony at 5:56 AM EDT
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Tuesday, 4 March 2008
Idea Creation
Topic: Writing Ramblings

Today I have an idea creation challenge for everyone!!!  I want you to go to your bookshelf and choose a book.  Got it?  Okay, now turn to page 123 and, starting with the first full sentence, count down until you reach sentence 5.  Now...write down sentences 5, 6 and 7.

 You obviously know the context of the sentences, but view them as someone who did not know their origin would.  What scenarious can you come up with?

As an example, I chose my own book, Storm. The 5, 6 and 7th sentences on page 123 are:

"Storm could see the mixture of wanting to believe him and feel comforted, yet the fear of being hurt was so strong.  She pulled back and Storm didn't force the issue.  She was like a wild animal that had been captured and tortured."

What scenarios do I see wih this? Let's look at the she:

a.  a  woman  (Was she raped. beaten or just heartbroken?  Is she a war victim? A homeless woman?  A victim of an auto accident or natural disaster?)

b.  a child (Is she lost?  Has she been abused? Is she hurt?  Was she raised by jungle animals?)

c.  a  animal (an orphaned bear?  a lost dog?  a feral cat? Was she hit by a car?  Found in a cave? In a pet store?)

The possibilities are endless.  Let your mind ask questions about these sentences.  Allow it to form a story.

I would love to see the passages each of you chose.  Please leave me a comment.  Maybe your comment will light another's creativity.  Maybe theirs will strike a spark in you!!!


Posted by joyceanthony at 12:47 AM EST
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