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Joyce A. Anthony, Author

Reader's Groups are invited to print out these questions for discussion.

Reader’s Club Guide


  1. Given the nature of storms, do you feel Storm was aptly named?  Why or why not?
  2. What do you believe caused Sam, a lifelong bachelor, to take on raising a baby at his stage of life?
  3. There were several places in Mary’s life where a different decision could have taken her in another direction.  What were those points and why do you believe she chose as she did?
  4. Jane’s neighbors had to have noticed something “different” in her home.  Why do you think nobody stepped in to help?
  5. Who was Jane’s “special friend”?  Was he real or merely a way for her to cope with her life?
  6. Can a jaded minister like Francis inspire a congregation or is it the congregation that keeps a preacher inspired?  Can you recall a time when what appeared less was actually more?
  7. Do you believe couples that go through many difficult times over a fifty-year period, like Clara and Robert had, become so close they literally can’t live without each other?  After reading Clara’s letter, what do you believe happened to Robert?
  8. Dan suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder.  What is it, in your opinion that allows some people to return from war seemingly untouched, while others never completely return?
  9. Why did Matt and Jeff have to have their argument in such an out-of-the-way place? 
  10. Do you believe Matt was trying to help Storm or did he just get scared and do the first thing he could think of?
  11. Why do you think people reacted as they did to Storm’s announcement of his identity?
  12. What significance does the railroad track have?
  13. Were the music and colors dreams, hallucinations or visions?
  14. Why do you feel Nizhoni smelled of lilacs and was it important that Storm noticed this?
  15. How would you have ended Storm’s journey differently?


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