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Joyce A. Anthony, Author

Outside of writing, I have a few places that I would like to mention for the wonderful work they do.  Please take time to visit these sites--and if your heart moves you to do so, lend a hand in any way you can, if only to pass along the word that these places exist.  Thank you, form the depths of my heart!
You see them everywhere, thin and dirty and scared of all human contact--the feral cats.  Feral cats often started their lives as someone's pet.  For whatever reason, they end up out in the street scared and hungry.  In time, human contact is something they avoid.  Alley cat Allies believes these animals need caring for, but not necessarily by trying to bring them inside.  They also train others on how to care for feral cat colonies.  These cats deserve some measure of kindness in their often very short lives.  What can you do to help?
Mission Socorro
Started by Ivan and Janet Elaine Smith, Mission Socorro is the only place some people can go--whether it is for help with food, housing or someone who can help them be understood because they aren't fluent in English.  The Smith's work tirelessly, helping all they can to provide security and comfort to all who ask.  Often this help comes from their own pockets.  Visit the site and see what all has been done.  What can you do to help?
Many children do not know the safety of a loving touch and all to often they touches they receive destroy the very innocence that is every child's birthright.  Sexual abuse destroys innocence, health and lives.  StopItNow has made it their mission to help everyone in society learn to stop the abuse before it happens, instead of just treating the victim afterwards.  They offer training and education above and beyond most sexual abuse programs.  A portion of every sale of Storm is set aside for this group.  What can you do to help?
The Inner-City Neighborhood Art House
Started by a group of Benedictine Sisters, the Art House was designed to give inner-city children a place to express themselves constructively.  Volunteers that top their fields volunteer their time to teach these children art, dance, drama and musical instruments.  I have been among the children here and seen the multitude of talent that may never have had a chance to grow.  Most of these children come from homes where money for art or music lessons just isn't possible to spare.  All instructors are volunteers, the Art House asks for and receives no money for their time.  They offer more than art and music, they offer children a chance to excel and become the best they are capable of becoming.  What can you do to help?

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