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Thursday, 28 February 2008
Lea Schizas On Tour
Topic: Book Review

Isn't this cover wonderful!!!  This is the latest YA book by Lea Schizas and I must tell you I have some treats for you over the next few days!!!!  THis woman is an nspiration to writers everywhere.  For that reason, you will get to experience the incredible woman behind this book and read some of her work.  You'll also get a chance to meet and talk with Lea!!!  Read on to see what I have in store for you!!!

Today you will get a chance to meet through her biography and read a brief excerpt from The Rock of Realm.  Tomorrow, February 29, Lea shares her ten top tips for writers here and then will join us for a live chat at 8 PM EST in my chatroom.  Just go to and scroll down to the Chat room icon and join us for what promises to be a lively and fun experience.  On March 1, I'll feature my own review of The Rock of Realm.  On March 2, I will give you some links to all the wondrous projects Lea Schizas has going on in her life.  When it's all over here and you want to learn more about Lea Schizas--and you WILL want to know more--hop on over to her main website at and plan on spending a bit of time.

 This is Lea :-) 

Lea Schizas, a short story competition winner, livesin Montreal, Canada with her husband Jimmy and five children. She is the co-founder and Editor in Chief of two Writer's Digest 101 Best Writing Sites of 2005, "Apollo's Lyre" and "The MuseItUp Club". She is a member of The Writing Village University (WVU), Senior Editor of the print magazine Coffee Cramp Magazine, founder of the column zine The Muse Marquee, and The Muse Online Writers Conference, Editor and co-author for The Muse on Writing(a writer’s reference guide) and Aleatory’s Junction.The Rock of Realm is the first in a series of quests and adventure for her heroine, Alexandra Stone, Princess of Rock Kingdom.

Here is just a tiny peek into The Rock of Realm:

as a loyal subject to my Queen. But first, a feast, and all will be explained.”He

gestured them towards the table. From underneath it, he plucked up an extra

stool for Sarah, several plates, platters and goblets and placed them on the

table. Pops strolled underneath the table, inspected it, came out, and then went

under the table once more. “There’s nothing here! Where you getting all this

stuff from?” Pops asked, scratching his head with his little paw as he emerged

from underneath the table.“Curiosity killed the cat, remember?” Butch joked as

he plopped his weary body heavily beside Alex’s stool.Alex spotted the

concentrated gaping stare Butch was giving Larok. This made her uneasy. She

had never seen Butch react to anyone the way he did to Larok. Larok’s eyes

were kind yet there was a faraway coldness to them that puzzled Alex.“You

are a feisty one, aren’t you, just like Jinx. I have my means for survival, little

one.” Larok reached over, picked up Jinx and placed him on the floor. He

placed a bowl for each animal filled with corn, roast beef and sunflower seeds,

something for each of their liking. The girls were treated to a succulent entrée

of what appeared to be spinach pastries, roast leg of lamb, mashed potatoes

and peas. Their goblets, along with the animals’, brimmed to the hilt with water,

always filling magically on their own.Pops shoveled the food in his mouth, little

bits escaping by the side of his lips. Butch sniffed his plate before eating.True to

his word, when the meal was over, dishes cleared and placed under this

enchanted table, Larok began to answer their questions. “The Princess you

most certainly are because only an enchantress could have opened up the

passageway to our dimension. You also have your mother’s deep blue eyes,”

Larok said.Alex was taken aback. “I don’t understand,” she uttered, shaking

her head in disbelief. How could he possibly know what colour my mother’s

eyes are?“Let me start from the beginning. You know of Dread’s plan to exile

the Queen, Sappy informed you of this much. When Dread supposedly was

vanquished of all his powers by the council he was confined where he could do

no more harm.”“What is this Tunnel that Sappy mentioned?” Sarah asked.

Alex surmised that it wasn’t a joy ride in some amusement park. Sarah leaned

forward on her stool, pushing a long tress of red hair behind her ear that was

tickling her nose.“It’s a place deep within the underground of the outer regions

of the Wall, a cavern full of mazes and creatures of the earth, where the

condemned are sent, never to return, for there is no path out.”“Sounds cozy,”

Pops murmured.“Please, how do you know for certain that I am the Princess,

like you claim?” Alex was still troubled with this thought. For some unexplained

reason, Alex felt familiar with this world. But she flustered with this feeling and

pushed it out of the way, reasoning that the surroundings were similar to her

parent’s country place. That’s all. After all, her parents would have confided in

her that she was a Princess, wouldn’t they? she thought.“I was there the day

you were born. There is a pink raised marking on the back of your neck

shaped in a circle,” Larok revealed, pointing towards her nape.This revelation

amazed Alex. She, indeed, had a birthmark like the one he described. “All

enchantresses possess this marking, your moLAROK REVEALS THE

TRUTH Alex stood, flabbergasted and confused, staring blankly at Larok.

”There must be some mistake. I am no Princess,” Alex mumbled, feeling as if

someone just knocked the wind out of her.”I can vouch for that,” Sarah added.

“I’ve known her all my life.”“Have you?” Larok questioned with cynicism as he

grinned, revealing perfectly aligned teeth. “Would everyone like something to

eat?”“Hold on, freak, you can’t spring something like this and then expect us to

eat? On second thought, I am a little hungry.” Pops began to rub his stomach

as it gurgled. He scurried towards the table.“Why would you think Alex is a

Princess?” Butch insisted, nearing Larok threateningly. “And I do want an

answer!” He continued his stride; closer and closer he approached Larok. His

smooth brown fur prickled upwards, his tail flagged up and down with such f

ury it was obvious he was not pleased with their host.Larok stood his ground,

his eyes never wavering from the challenging stare-down. The falls echoed

musically in the room breaking the steady rhythmic panting coming from Pops

and Jinx.Finally, Larok raised his hands in defeat. “All right, my dear defender,

I will explain, my word ther, too.”Alex watched as Larok studied her reaction

carefully. She shuffled her feet as his intense stare made her feel

uncomfortable.“How can my mother be the Queen when she lives somewhere

else?” Alex asked, defiantly, stepping back a few steps as if Larok had just

slapped her across the face.“Good question. Before his exile, Dread had one

more surprise. He had retrieved and hid your mother’s Rock of Realm. Fearing

he might one day use it, the only way to protect our dimension, and yours, from

the evil that had possessed her brother was for her to enter your world and live

within its confine as a protector.”“Can’t Dread just use this rock and enter?”

Butch asked. Alex began to pace the room.“Your companion is as wise as

you, Princess. No, to your question. Dread must have sensed your presence

and transported your mother’s Rock of Realm and the Glory Dust to lure you

in.”Alex let out a long, slow breath as she upped her pacing trying to absorb

this overwhelming discovery she was hit with. Sarah maintained her stooped

pose, her gaze bouncing back and forth from Alex to Larok as if watching a

tennis match.“Lure me in for what purpose?” Alex demanded, clenching her

fists in frustration.“By luring you here, I suppose, and I am assuming his

intentions, his purpose is to capture you and try to incite your mother to find

you. This way, your dimension is free to enter.”“Why didn’t they say anything t

o me? All these years and not one word.” Alex meant for this to be a quiet

thought but her outburst was born of anger.Larok’s cloak dragged behind him

giving the illusion that he floated towards Alex. Tenderly placing his hand on

her shoulder, he said, “How could they explain all this to you, a child?”“Ah,

hello, have you checked the mirror lately? You’re no man yourself, you know,”

Pops said, severing the tension that began to smother the room.Larok laughed.

“I suppose you’re right, in a way, my little friend. My body is of a lad, but I am

over 200 of your Earth years old.”“How can that be?” Alex shrugged off

Larok’s sympathetic touch to her shoulder and marched by the ice wall. She

was angry and since he was the one who had enlightened her as to who she

really was, she projected this rage towards him. “And why is this room so

boring compared to its exterior?”“Dread imprisoned me here with a spell when

I revealed his plot to the council. The Qulany birds are my eyes since I cannot

step out of this room. The Qulany birds warn me of any danger approaching.

The ice palace I’ve conjured is a force field, a protection against Dread sensing

my presence. I am able to transport from place to place, but, I have to admit, it

is getting harder and harder to avoid him. His powers are getting stronger but I

don’t know who is helping him.”“If he captures Alex,” Butch asked, “what will

he do with her?”Larok walked away toward his cot, sat down and with weary

eyes looked at Butch. “He will vanquish her to the Tunnel,” Larok said

despairingly, averting their stares.Alex marched out the ice door leaving the

others behind.“Shouldn’t we go after her?” Pops was jumping up and down,

agitated by this whole affair.“Leave her for a while,” Sarah replied. “Let her

work things out for herself.”Jinx comfortably nestled by Larok’s feet, while

Pops continued his jumping from table to stool to table and back. Butch paced

the floor, contemplating whether or not he should go and comfort Alex. Sarah

sat down, cross-legged on the floor, with a book she removed from one of the

book walls. The title had caught her attention, “Legacy of Rock

Kingdom”.Alex stood, alone, glowering about her. How can this be? There has

to be a mistake. Yet, the moment she had heard Sappy utter the Queen’s

name, Miranda, her gut told her that her déjà vu might be right. Softly tracing

its outline with her fingers, Alex felt her birthmark. “It must be true. It has to be

or else I’ve gone crazy with Sarah and this is all a dream.”All sorts of emotions

rippled through her; unmistakable anger at her parents for keeping this from

her, and fear for her parents in case they come for her and are captured by

Dread. She felt as if someone had just punctured and trampled all over her



Now, doesn't that make you want to read more?  Take my word for it--I have and you will love this book no matter what your age!!!

Join us tomorrow for Lea's Ten Tips for Writers and don't forget to stop by the chat room tomorrow evening to say hello!!!



Posted by joyceanthony at 4:56 AM EST
Updated: Thursday, 28 February 2008 11:25 AM EST
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Thursday, 28 February 2008 - 3:07 PM EST

Name: "Lea Schizas"
Home Page:

Thank you for hosting me today. I am looking forward to any questions, even if it's about Pops or Jinx.

Thursday, 28 February 2008 - 3:36 PM EST

Name: "Pee Wee"
Home Page:

Loved the story. And the cover is fabulous. I wouldn't be surprised if Lea and I did not run into each other sometime, somewhere,  in WVU. I've been there for five years now. Off and On. Anyway...enjoyed this read. And your site, Joyce, is top notch.

Pee Wee


Thursday, 28 February 2008 - 4:23 PM EST

Name: "Lea Schizas"
Home Page:

Hi again, Pee Wee, and here I can write freely. I'm afraid Pops got me writing in his blog and was a bit annoyed. 


I used to be at WVU but haven't been there for a long time. I was in the children's groups with 'Dragonfly' was it as the moderator?



Thursday, 28 February 2008 - 4:57 PM EST

Name: "anonymous"

That Pops beats all. I love him.

No, I wasn't a moderator. I was in several groups, took many classes, the latest being poetry with Gwen Tuberfield, (sp?) as moderator. I joined 2003 and haven't been active for the last year. I learned a lot and made many friends that I still correspond with. Geez! I just about talked myself into going back. If you ever want to take a peek at my blog and website the url's are: and  My characters, as well as yours, speak for theirselves on my blog.

I was invited into this wonderful group--Word Mage--and they are my inspiration, my refuge, my home away from home, my encouragement, and mean just about everything to me. 

Okay, before I write you a book here, I'll go. Please write to me any time you get the inclination. Got lots of tales about WVU, a great place. 

Pee Wee

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