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Thursday, 11 September 2008
Where were you when.......?
Topic: Miscellaneous


I stopped over to visit Lynn at and she had the most interest Meme going, so I thought I'd share it with you guys :-)  It is interesting to see where people were during events we all remember!!

Space Shuttle Challenger Disaster - January 28, 1986

I was on my way home from work, on a city bus, when this happened.  I walked into the house where I saw a replay on television.  I remeber feeling completely numb.

The Oklahoma City Bombing - April 19, 1995

After a very hectic day with a two-year-old, I finally settled in for a quiet evening and turned the radio on.  I remember crying, then praying for the families, then going into my sleeping son and thanking God that, in spite of all the difficulty we had, he was safely home sleeping.

Princess Diana's Death - 31 August 1997
I didn't find this one out until the next day.  This was a time when I was trying to work full-time and get help for a four-year-old who was being consistently thrown out of day care centers.  He had just started getting counseling and I was juggling that, taking care of the house and working full-time.  This event didn't effect me as deeply as it did so many.  I remember thinking how tragic it was, but it seemed so far removed from what was my life at the time.
Attack on the Twin Towers - 11 September 2001
This one tore me to pieces.  I walked into my first counseling session and, as the elevator doors opened, I was facing the television and saw the plane crash into one of the towers.  I felt as though someone had just told me the world was ending.  I rmember crying, then getting angry and then shaking.  I wanted to go and pick my son up at school, but didn't.  I met his school bus that day and didn't think I was going to let him go when I hugged him.  We walked to the Lake where I founds out he had watched the attack on TV at school and I answered what questions I could to help him understand (he was only seven)---I wasn't completely understanding the whole thing myself.
Space Shuttle Columbia Disaster - February 1, 2003
I didn't find this one out until later.  I had spent the day visiting my son in the residential treatment center he had been in for four months.  I prayed to God that night, asking if this was His way of trying to tell people they should not be trying to travel in space.  It somehow reminded me of His anger at the building of the Tower of Babel.

7th Harry Potter Book is Released - 21 July 2007

I was asleep at the moment this book came out.  My mother knew my son and I had read the first six and had already pre-ordered a copy of this one. I couldn't see standing in a line, in the middle of the night--among a BIG crowd of people!--for a book we would be getting in a day or two.

Michael Phelps Wins His 8th Gold Medal - August 16, 2008

Uh..don't shoot me, but  WHO is Michael Phelps???

So, what about you? Where were YOU when all of this happened???

Posted by joyceanthony at 1:10 AM EDT
Updated: Thursday, 11 September 2008 1:16 AM EDT
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Thursday, 11 September 2008 - 9:04 AM EDT

Name: "Ron Berry"
Home Page:

Now that is a challenging question. I honestly don't remember where I was for most of these events even though I do remember them. But the 9/11 one prompted me to make a website dedicated to the opinion of others. It got very big and had music. I even got replies from current sailors on the same ship I was on. Harry Potter wasn't a book series I read, but my ex and my son did. 

 I don't remember where I was on these days but it would be fascinating to see where others were.


Thursday, 11 September 2008 - 11:23 AM EDT

Name: "Teresa DAmario"
Home Page:

Great blog, let's see what i remember.


Space Shuttle Challenger Disaster - January 28, 1986

I was at home, and my neighbor called to tell me to turn on the TV.  Later that same day I received a call telling me I was being promoted.  What a strange day that was.

 The Oklahoma City Bombing - April 19, 1995

I was working the night shift when this happened, and the news was on.  What a horrible feeling that was.

 Princess Diana's Death - 31 August 1997

The week before her death I had been at a register in the grocery store.  ANOTHER tabloid article was accusing her of being either fat or pregnant. I remember feeling sorry for her, and some voice in the back of my head said "Don't worry, it'll be over soon."  I obviously didn't understand what that meant until the night of her death. I was sitting at home on the computer, and a friend of mine and I chatted and cried about it all evening.

Attack on the Twin Towers - 11 September 2001

I was at work.  I remember thinking the first plane was an accident.  The second gave me chills, and when the 3rd hit the pentagon, we started sending people home. I had to stay of course, as I was the boss.  My husband said he was home watching ER and thought it was a scene from the TV show at first.

 Space Shuttle Columbia Disaster - February 1, 2003

This one I don't even remember. I think I must have been working, since I was working alot of hours back then.

7th Harry Potter Book is Released - 21 July 2007 

I was at home, but in the morning I ran to BAM to purchase the audiobook.  They had at least 15  copie unspoken for, yet refused to sell it to me because I hadnt' signed up in advance.  Huh?  BAM didn't get any of my business for the next year in revolt.

Michael Phelps Wins His 8th Gold Medal - August 16, 2008

I was there watching, and cheering. It was almost anti-climatic.  Good job Michael Phelps!


Thursday, 11 September 2008 - 7:26 PM EDT

Name: "WendyK"
Home Page:

Great post Joyce!!!



WendyK*from WPM*

Thursday, 11 September 2008 - 10:04 PM EDT

Name: "Danielle N Calhoun"
Home Page:

I really got into this one, I posted my answers to my blog!

 Great post, Joyce!


Friday, 12 September 2008 - 9:44 AM EDT

Name: "Marvin D Wilson"
Home Page:

Interesting meme indeed . Most are usually humorous but this one is a heart toucher. Thanks for sharing, Joyce. Mind if I use this on Free Spirit sometime?


Blogs at:

Eye Twitter 2 -

Saturday, 13 September 2008 - 12:51 PM EDT

Name: "Carol D. Jones"
Home Page:

Attack on twin towers-September 11, 2001

I distinctively remember where I was on that date.  My two sons and I were on our way back to school from their orthodontist appointments.  I first heard it on the radio, and while still in disbelief, my sister phoned confirming what had happened. Of course, the rest of the day consisted of a lot of tears and praying.

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