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Saturday, 6 December 2008
Coyote Comes to Visit
Topic: Character Interviews
1. Can you tell us your name and the title of the book you live in?

I'm Coyote, baby! The Trickster, Old-Man Coyote, Raven... Wakdjunkaga, Manabozho... I have many names, but they are all fun-loving, legend-making, spice-of-life me! 

The book is Magic, Mensa and Mayhem: From the Case Files of DragonEye, PI  by Karina L. Fabian

2.  Describe to our readers what your role in the book is.

Cause mischief. Get hugs. Be sexy. You know, just be myself. (wags eyebrows)

3. How did you convince your author to put you in this book?  For example, did you visit a dream or make yourself known some other way?

Oh, I wish I could visit dreams. How about yours? Want to dream of me, do ya? Huh? Huh?

4.  Is your author easy to work with or controlling?

Well, I'm easy, but she's great to work with. After all, she's just there to tell the facts. It's just too bad that she's not giving it from my point of view. Vern is such a wet hide.

5.  Would you tell us about one of your favorite friends from this book?

Oh, there were so many. Mensa women are wonderful--so intelligent and imaginative. I can now see why so many humans say the mind is the sexiest part of the body.  An yet...Sister Grace really got me in the end. Got to admire a nun that can out-trick the Trickster.

6. Do you plan on appearing in another book or are you happy to be where you are?

Oh, Vern's and my paths cross now and again.  Not so much now that I'm under house arrest in Montana, but there will be stories.  What's Coyote without stories?

7.  What would you like our readers to know about you?

To know me is to love me.

8. Did you learn anything during your adventure in this book?

Vern's taught Grace a little too well? Any more than that, and it'd be a spoiler, and you know I love to tease!  Otherwise, the things I learned aren't fit to print in this venue. I'm a naughty Coyote.

9.  Can you tell us what you think is the most exciting thing that happened to you in your book?

No.  Brunhilde put on a nice show, though.

10. Is there anything in your story you wish you had not done? Why?

I wish I'd stuck the bull down my pants pocket.

11.  What was your main motivation?

Just looking for fun, as always.

12. Introduce us to your main adversary?

Adversary is far too strong a word, but in this world, it's Vern: an undersized dragon with a stunted sense of adventure for an immortal. I have to wonder how much of that is the fact that he works for the Church now, but I have the feeling he always had a stick up his hide.

13.  Is there anything you would like to have done but your author stopped you?

Karina never stops us--she's jut the transcriber. Vern, however, did his best to put a damper on my fun, you can be sure of that.

14. Here's your chance to speak your mind.  What do you want to tell everybody?

Come to Montana and see me!  Bring strawberries and electric blankets and an open mind! Arooooo! Baby!

15.  Please tell everyone where they can find out more about your story and where they can purchase it.

Magic, Mensa and Mayhem is coming out in February from Swimming Kangaroo Press. Learn more about DragonEye, PI at If you sign up for the website, you'll get the DragonEye, PI newsletter and a free story. I'm not in it, but it's a good one, nonetheless!

Posted by joyceanthony at 6:13 AM EST
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Saturday, 6 December 2008 - 10:27 AM EST

Name: "Ron Berry"
Home Page:


I do have to finish this book! I just haven't had time. Vern is all over the place. Karina is a very good and exciting writer.

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